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I Do & She’s Mine Stickers


One of today’s most popular wedding trends for the bride and her “something blue” are the “I Do” Shoe Stickers. These sparkly blue stickers are placed on the bottom of the bride’s shoes making the famous “bride shoe shot” an even better photo. Plus when or if the bride is knelt down at the altar during the ceremony these fun stickers will be showing for all guests to see! What’s event better is that there are a coordinating set for the groom – “She’s Mine” Shoe Stickers. These adorable wedding accessories extras are only $3.95 a pc.

New Item – NFL Garters

Turn your garter toss into a full contact sport! Tired of all the single guys treating the garter toss as if it had cooties? Well never again! The NFL Garters from Daisy Days will turn the dance floor into the red zone. Don’t be surprised if you see helmets!

Currently there are 8 teams in the collection. Choose from the San Francisco 49ers garter, Pittsburgh Steelers garter, Baltimore Ravens garter, Dallas Cowboys garter, Philadelphia Eagles garter, Minnesota Vikings garter, San Diego Chargers garter or the Green Bay Packers garter.

Bridal Apparel Sale!


Now though August find fun, fashionable bridal flair for the Bride-to-Be in your life.  Super cute zip up hoodies and matching pants are great for any bridal party. They are super comfortable for pre-wedding attire and they are the perfect comfy/sexy combo for the honeymoon.

Find also matching Bride and Groom PJs or fun bride scarfs.

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