Fabric Deals and Discounts

Check out our fabric section for great deals on fat quarters, jelly rolls and stackers

Check out our fabric section for great deals on fat quarters, jelly rolls and stackers. Great for quilting and crafting!

Item Spotlight: DIY Blank Favors

DIY is a tricky game. You really need to balance time verses cost. And you need to ask yourself will your time actually end up costing you more than buying fully prepared favors. If you measures the costs and find that a little effort on your part can save you big bucks then Daisy Days can help. Our new line of favor ready DIY Blank Favors can be a firm starting ground for your truly custom favors. With several container shapes to choose from you are sure to find a blank favor that fits your need. We have great mini mint containers, fun sized candy tubes, and unique mini ice cream containers. There are several other designs as well that can help you take DIY to the next level!

SALE! – Plantable Confetti

At we carry a bouquet of plantable confetti styles. Many of those styles are now on sale! Check out all our plantable confetti styles here:

Whether you are decorating for your reception of planning an eco-friendly departure, Plantable Confetti from Daisy Days is a great way to go green.

Item Spotlight: Washi Tape

New item – Washi Tape

Crafters be like waa-shi tape! Washi tape is the hottest and coolest new trend. We are sure you have seen it on your fav DIY blog but what is the big deal? Well, beyond being extremely cute, Washi tape is easy to use and typically very durable.  It is the perfect way to dress up your DIY projects, wedding favors, DIY invitations, or your event decorations. The tape is well, tape so it is self adhesive. It is easy to use, remove and reapply.

Originated in Japan, washi tape is paper tape similar to masking tape except that it comes in so many cute colors and designs that poor masking tape started calling itself frumpy.

Check out the large selection of Washi Tape at Daisy Days. Combine it with any of our order DIY favors and you have a sure fire winner. Don’t be surprised if your #1 bookmarked craft blog starts asking you to guest blog. Washi tape is that amazing.

DIY Made Easy!

DIY Made Easy! “Do-It-Yourself” with Daisy Days is so easy it should be called “Do-it-Easy.” Well, DIE did not go over well with marketing so we are just going to keep it DIY. Find everything you need for your event from invitations to favors. Truly make your event one of a kind with DIY from Daisy Days.

New item – DIY Pocket Invitations

Do you love pocket invitations but do not love the price? Now you can DIY your own custom Pocket Invitations for a fraction of the cost! Do-it-yourself has never been more simple. With 3 awesome styles to choose from and 7 different colors in each style, you are sure to find the perfect fit. It is basically money in the pocket!

Add an Invitation Backer Card and everyone will be asking where you had your invitations printed. They will probably look so good you could start your own business.

Check out our selection today: