Item Spotlight

A Twist on the Sand Ceremony


Unity sand picture frames are not only a popular alternative to a unity candle but a fun spin on the sand ceremony trend. Sand frames are offered in a variety of finish options including; Black or White which work for traditional styled weddings, Bamboo or Walnut perfect for a Rustic Wedding Theme and White-Washed which is similar to a driftwood style which would beautifully compliment a Beach Wedding Theme. This one of kind keepsake will look beautifully displayed in your home for years to come. Be sure to fill with colorful sands to match your wedding theme and fill your frame.

Item Spotlight: DIY Blank Favors

DIY is a tricky game. You really need to balance time verses cost. And you need to ask yourself will your time actually end up costing you more than buying fully prepared favors. If you measures the costs and find that a little effort on your part can save you big bucks then Daisy Days can help. Our new line of favor ready DIY Blank Favors can be a firm starting ground for your truly custom favors. With several container shapes to choose from you are sure to find a blank favor that fits your need. We have great mini mint containers, fun sized candy tubes, and unique mini ice cream containers. There are several other designs as well that can help you take DIY to the next level!

Item Spotlight: Wine Gift Box Guest Book Alternative

Having a guest book at your wedding is a must. It is great to have the names of those who celebrated with you on your big day. It is even better to have some wedding wishes that you can read.  Better still is a glass of wine to share while you read those thoughtful wedding wishes.

Enter the  Wine Gift Box Guest Book Alternative. This personalized wood wine box is a great alternative to the typical lined paper book. Simply have your guests write wedding wishes on small paper and drop them in the Wine Gift Box. After your event add your favorite bottle of wine (not included) and save for a special occasion.

It will be fun and meaningful to open again on your 1 year anniversary and read your wedding wishes will enjoying your bottle together.

Personalize with your names and date.

Item Spotlight: Vintage Rustic Plantable Paper Wedding Collection

The Vintage Rustic Plantable Paper Wedding Collection is an indie chic way to announce your big day. Choose wildflower seeded paper in 5 different colors to make an impression with your friends without making an impact on the Earth.

The line includes invitations, RSVP cards, thank you notes, place cards, favor tags, save the dates and Menu Cards with plantable carrot seeds. Each card is custom to your needs and is made of 100% recycled post consumer paper.

The best part is that with each card comes a garden of beautiful wildflowers. Your guests will not get a piece of paper to throw away they will get a bouquet of lovely flowers. They can watch your love grow, literally.

Item Spotlight: Washi Tape

New item – Washi Tape

Crafters be like waa-shi tape! Washi tape is the hottest and coolest new trend. We are sure you have seen it on your fav DIY blog but what is the big deal? Well, beyond being extremely cute, Washi tape is easy to use and typically very durable.  It is the perfect way to dress up your DIY projects, wedding favors, DIY invitations, or your event decorations. The tape is well, tape so it is self adhesive. It is easy to use, remove and reapply.

Originated in Japan, washi tape is paper tape similar to masking tape except that it comes in so many cute colors and designs that poor masking tape started calling itself frumpy.

Check out the large selection of Washi Tape at Daisy Days. Combine it with any of our order DIY favors and you have a sure fire winner. Don’t be surprised if your #1 bookmarked craft blog starts asking you to guest blog. Washi tape is that amazing.

New Item – NFL Garters

Turn your garter toss into a full contact sport! Tired of all the single guys treating the garter toss as if it had cooties? Well never again! The NFL Garters from Daisy Days will turn the dance floor into the red zone. Don’t be surprised if you see helmets!

Currently there are 8 teams in the collection. Choose from the San Francisco 49ers garter, Pittsburgh Steelers garter, Baltimore Ravens garter, Dallas Cowboys garter, Philadelphia Eagles garter, Minnesota Vikings garter, San Diego Chargers garter or the Green Bay Packers garter.

Item Spotlight – Owl Bookmark Favors

For whooo? You!

These owl favors are so incredibly cute that I can hardly contain myself. I want to read a book just so I can snuggle this cute bookmark favor. We are sure that your guests will feel the same.

For years the owl has been a symbol of protection and wisdom. It is safe to say that now the owl is a symbol for extreme cuteness. Either way, this cute owl bookmark is definitely a wise choice.

Check out our selection of awesome owl items here.