Wedding Favors

Item Spotlight – Plantable Matchstick Garden Favors

Have you ever carried a garden in your pocket? Now you and your guests can! Say thank you to your friends and family by favoring them with Plantable MatchStick Favors. Help them start a fire of beautiful wildflowers or tasty herbs.  Personalize the matchbooks to really make them your own. Check out out full selection of plantable favors here.

Chevron Fever!

Chevrons continue to be a very popular pattern design – from clothing to home decor. It is even starting to become a favorite pick for wedding themes as well.

Daisy-Days now has a great line of wedding stationery with the chevron design as well as some great, colorful chevron gift ideas. What are some other wedding items and gift ideas you’d like to see with this popular design?

Stylish Chevron Makeup Roll & Brush Set | Personalized Stylish Chevron Cosmetic Spa Bag | Chevron Personalized iPhone Cases | Chevron Personalized iPhone Case, iPad Case & Sleeve Set

Chevron Plantable Place Cards on 100% Recycled Seeded Paper | DIY Scroll Wedding Reception Stationery Kit | DIY Scroll Wedding Program Fan Kit – Set of 50 | Chevron Plantable Favor Tags on 100% Recycled Seeded Paper

Bamboo and You!

Bamboo is the new eco-friendly wood of choice. The irony, however, is that bamboo is not even a wood. It is a grass! That’s right… bamboo is part of the “true grass” family… but some species can grow up to 98 feet tall!  The best part about bamboo, aside from durability and attractiveness, is its ability to grow. Bamboo has been known to grow 39 inches in one day. It is easy to see why bamboo is considered a sustainable material.

With little impact on the environment, Bamboo gifts have become a great option for Green Brides. Now you can give a thoughtful, personalized and practical gift to the members of your wedding party that is also eco-friendly. Daisy-Days now has a wide selection of unique bamboo gift options, such as the items pictured below.

Personalized Bamboo Coaster Gift Set | Personalized “Perfect Fit” Bamboo Puzzle Cutting Board Set |
Personalized Deliciozo Bamboo Pizza Board | Personalized Bamboo Pen Set

You can also give your guests unique, eco-friendly bamboo favors, such as bamboo coasters, bamboo candle holders and more.

Natural Bamboo Eco-Friendly Coaster Favors |“Hand in Hand” Bamboo Server Set Favors | “Tastefully Yours” Bamboo Heart Cheese Board Favors | Eco-Friendly Bamboo Wood Candle Favors

Rustic Plantable Wedding Favors

Our wide selection of plantable favors continue to be a popular choice for couples wanting to make an eco-friendly, green choice for their wedding while also giving their guests a fun and unique gift. These favors feature handmade paper that is embedded with real wildflower seeds. When your guests plant the seeded paper, wildflowers or herbs will grow right out of the paper – inside in a pot, or outdoors in the soil. Now these unique favors are available with a rustic twist. Introducing our Rustic Plantable Favors, available in a variety of beautiful colors:

These adorable Rustic Wildflower Plantable Favors come in 16 trendy colors and feature a beautiful floral and bird design along with your custom personalization.

For a tasty treat, your guests will love our Rustic Herb Seed Plantable Favors that feature a cream-colored heart shape embedded with a trio of herb seeds (parsley, oregano and basil). This item is also available in a variety of beautiful colors and may be customized with your own personal message to your guests.

As always, at Daisy Days, we want to thank you for making a green choice for your wedding. With your purchase of an eco-friendly item from our store, you can save $10 on your order of $100 or more with the coupon code GOGREEN. Simply enter this during checkout to receive your discount. The order must contain at least one environmentally-friendly favor and cannot be applied to previous or pending orders.

Vintage Biodegradable, Eco-Friendly Paper Straws

Go green and add a splash of color to your next event with our eco-friendly, biodegradable vintage paper straws. With fun and retro designs – such as polka dots, stripes and hearts – in a wide array of colors, we have straws for every theme! Use with your drinks, glass bottles, jars or candy buffet. These stylish paper straws are perfect for weddings, baby showers, birth parties and more!

These retro paper straws are 100% biodegradable, making them perfect for eco-friendly events! Made from all natural material with food grade ink, these straws are FDA approved. Proudly made in the USA.

Vintage Paper Straws

Vintage Paper Straws

Take Your Guests to Beautiful Paris without Ever Stepping Foot on a Plane

Here at we offer a variety of favors, decorations, gifts and much more for wedding, baby showers, anniversary parties, sweet 16’s and many other events. One of the most unique is our Paris themed favors and decor items. Whether you planning on spending your honeymoon there, were married in Paris years ago, or dream of living in the beautiful city one day, our Paris and Eiffel Tower themed products are the perfect way to bring your guests to Paris through your event.Wedding Favors

If it’s a wedding, anniversary or birthday party, we have a number of Paris themed items that are perfect to add that sophisticated Parisian feel and class, while still bringing in something you love and creating an event guests are sure to remember for years to come. We offer Paris inspired invitations to hint to your guests at the foreign theme of your event, simple Eiffel Tower place card holders to guide your guests to the correct seats, and a number of Paris themed wedding favors from wine stoppers to key chains, candles and more.

Take your guests to a whole other country with decor and favors from our Paris themed collection. They’ll enjoy the wonderful details and classiness of our pieces and they can be fit for any event from wedding to sweet 16’s. Show your love of the city of Paris with a Paris themed event and coordinating decor and wedding favors that are affordable from, your one stop shop for wedding and event favors and decor.

5 Ways to Enjoy our Blown Glass Globe Wedding Decoration Favors

Blown Glass Globes Wedding Decoration Favors

Blown Glass Globes Wedding Decoration Favors

Blown glass can add a touch of whimsy and elegance to any wedding tablescape and at, we’re so excited to have added blown glass globes to our selection. Able to work as a wedding decoration or a wedding favor, our blown glass globes can be used in a variety of ways to add beauty to your big day. Here are five awesome ways to use our blown glass globes as either a favor or a decorative accent:

Light It Up!: Make your guests feel like they’re sitting under the stars by suspending our blown glass globes with fishing wire above each table. Then, place an LED tealight in each and light things up! You can also put an LED tealight in a blown glass globe as a cute favor. Put one at each place setting for your guests to enjoy.

Mini Glam Centerpieces: A new wedding trend that seems to be popping up at weddings more and more is the use of tiny centerpieces that stretch along the entire table, instead of large centerpieces that sit in the middle. Use feathers, cyrstals, flowers, coins, buttons, sand and shells, or other trinkets that bring together your wedding theme to fill up these blown glass globes and spread them along your table runner with other small centerpiece details, which can be anything from teacups filled with flowers to bowls of floating candles.

Floral Touches: Flowers are a staple at weddings, but you’ll fall in love with the use of florals all over again when you blend our blown glass globes with fresh blooms. There are a few ways you can do this. One way would be to fill up each globe with water and placing a single rose bloom (or another flower of your choice) inside to float. Or, you could create a tiny terrarium by filling each globe with moss and tiny flowers. These are just a few suggestions. Feel free to play with flowers until you find the perfect look!

A Sweet Surprise: Give your guests a tasty favor that not only looks awesome, but tastes awesome too! Try filling up our globes with colored hard candies or chocolate candies as a pretty touch that can add a pop of color to the table while doubling as a favor. Use candies that match your wedding color scheme or go for the favorite colors of you and your groom to add that extra special detail to an already pretty favor.

Bling It Out!: Want to add some sparkle to your special occasion? Suspend our blown glass globes from the ceiling with fishing wire and fill each with crystals or rhinestones. Your guests will love the glamorous look and feel that this touch will add to your reception space.

How would you use our blown glass wedding favors on your big day?

Rustic Wedding Finds at

We’re always busy adding new favors and wedding decorations to our selection and one thing that we keep hearing about from our brides is rustic wedding details. More brides are choosing to have backyard (or in some cases, barnyard) events that incorporate some of life’s most simple, but beautiful, details.

If you’re having a rustic wedding, be sure to check out some of these new additions to our selection:

Picnic Basket Wedding Decorations

Picnic Basket Wedding Decorations

Picnic Basket Wedding Decorations: Picnic baskets are big for outdoor and backyard weddings, and we have to say, we absolutely LOVE the look they add to your table. They’re simply charming! Fill them with mosses, grasses, flowers, fruits, fresh veggies, or favors – or a combination of any of these ingredients! We carry both large and medium sized picnic basket wedding decorations for you to choose from. Also, keeping with the theme, we have miniature picnic basket favors .

Retro Lantern Plantable Wedding Stationery

Retro Lantern Plantable Wedding Stationery

Retro Lantern Plantable Wedding Stationery: Plantable wedding stationery is always popular and we’re loving the look of our retro lantern plantable wedding stationery. Featuring colorful lanterns and a fun font, our plantable wedding stationery is sure to be a hit amongst your guests. Choose from place cards, favor tags, thank you notes, response cards, invitations, save the date cards, and menus, all printed on recycled seeded paper.

Big Sky Rustic Wedding Accessories

Big Sky Rustic Wedding Accessories

Big Sky Wedding Accessories: Want all of your wedding accessories to match your rustic wedding theme? We have a Big Sky Western Wedding Collection that’s perfect for any rustic wedding – even if it’s not focused on a Western or cowboy theme. These wedding accessories feature hand stitching, natural rope details, and plenty of style. Accessories inclue a ring pillow, flower girl basket, guest book, pen set, unity pillar candle, set of taper candles, and a garter set.

Watering Can Favors

Watering Can Favors

Watering Can Favors: Simple yet totally chic, our mini watering can favors are going to be a hit at your backyard or barnyard wedding. Each water can is galvanized and can be filled with candy, seed packets, floers, or other pretty details. Add a favor tag or a custom favor ribbon to create an unforgettable look.

Old Fashioned Drinking Jars

Old Fashioned Drinking Jars

Old Fashioned Drinking Jars: Bring us back to a simpler time with old fashioned drinking jars at your head table. Fill them with iced tea, lemonade, or your wedding signature cocktail (it’s a twist on the classic toast!). Or, you can make them part of your table centerpieces by filling them with flowers and slices of lemon. So pretty!

Vintage Linen Favor Bags

Vintage Linen Favor Bags

Linen Drawstring Favor Bags: Able to be filled with seeds, candies, or other small trinkets, these linen favor bags are sure to be a hit on your big day. You’ll love the vintage design, which features the words “Love” and “100% sweet”, and is made to look like burlap. Very cute!

Which rustic wedding detail is your favorite?

Top Themes for Your Summer Wedding


Cinderella Pumpkin Coach Cake TopperDo you want to have a wedding that people will be talking about for years to come? Then it is important to pick the perfect wedding theme to encompass the whole event!

How do you pick the perfect theme for your wedding?

Keep class and elegance in mind, even for the cheesiest of theme ideas. Also, be sure to incorporate the bride and groom?s personalities. Make sure to keep the theme consistent with all elements of the wedding experience. Incorporate your theme into your bridal shower, flowers and the reception. This way everything will come full circle and your little touch of theme and personality will be shown throughout your all of your wedding events.

If you are looking for some ideas, listed below are some of this summer?s top wedding themes:

  • Beach and destination
  • Birds and lovebirds
  • Hearts, hearts, and more hearts!
  • Black and white
  • Victorian details
  • Cinderella and other fairytales

Check out for our full collection of wedding must-haves to match every theme and decide which one will fit your wedding best. Remember, while picking out favors for the wedding reception to think about favors for the bridal shower, bridesmaid?s tea and rehearsal dinner as well. Good luck!

2012 Wedding Trends We’ll Be Watching

Laser Expressions Laser Cut Signage

Ah, there’s nothing more exciting than the start of a new year! At Daisy-Days, we’re always looking to stay on top of the latest trends and developments in the wedding industry. In 2011, we saw lots of things happen in the wedding world, including the return of fascinators, the rise of wedding hats, the peacock wedding theme, neutral wedding colors on the rise, and more DIY touches.

In 2012, we’re expecting to see lots more improvements, styles, and details make their way into weddings around the world. Want to know what we’ll be watching for? Here’s our list of 2012 wedding trends we’ll be keeping an eye on:

  • Edible wedding favors. Baked goods like cookies, brownies, truffles, and cupcakes are going to be favorites when it comes to favors. What a delicious wedding trend!
  • DIY wedding details. From making your own wedding cake to DIY wedding favors, we’re going to see a lot more DIY details in 2012 as couples look to cut their budgets. 
  • Paper and fabric banners. Made from cloth triangles or squares, banners have been a favorite detail at head tables and dessert tables alike. We’re expecting to see more, and maybe some that play with different textures and fabric combinations, like our DIY paper flag banner bunting kit.
  • Personalized reception decorations. From dance floors to napkins, personalization is going to be big in 2012. We’re expecting to see lots of names adorning reception details, especially in the elegant monogram style!
  • Black and white damask wedding details. Favors, wedding cakes, invitations, and place cards in black and white damask are sure to be big. We’re betting on seeing a lot of classic black and white weddings – maybe with some accents of ruby, sapphire, or emerald. 
  • Royal wedding-inspired attire. Kate Middleton’s wedding gown and drop veil combination are already taking the world by storm, but expect to see other wedding details, like Pippa’s bridesmaid dress or the royal wedding hats worn by guests, making stunning appearances. 
  • Laser cut details. Filigree cupcake papers, laser cut invitations, and laser cut signs are just a few demonstrations of this wedding trend. When it comes to making your wedding stylish in 2012, the more intricate, the better!

What sort of wedding trends will you be looking out for in 2012?