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Engagement Picture Ideas

The engagement picture has changed drastically over the last ten years.  At one time it was exclusive to the pros. If you wanted a “good” picture you needed to visit a studio and ended up with a cookie cutter print, not to mention a hole in your wallet. With the excel of the digital camera and more specifically the DSLR, the engagement photo is only limited by your imagination. The process has left the studio and can really be a work of art. Even though the pros still tend to have a way with the camera, you can make art of your own with a simple digital camera and a tripod (or friend with free time). Here are a few inspirational photos that we have collected on our Facebook account. Check back regularly for new ideas. Enjoy!

Wedding Engagement Picture Inspirational Ideas

Unity Sand Shadow Box Set – Available in Black & White

Our best selling unity sand shadow box is now available in black or white to match your wedding decor. This popular set is a unique alternative to a unity candle and is the perfect choice for an outdoor or destination beach wedding. It includes an engraved glass panel that features your new last name monogram initial, your first names and wedding date. The kit also includes two pouring glass vessels. Simply add two or more colors of sand that best matches the theme of your wedding to create a truly unique keepsake that you will enjoy for years to come.

Daisy-Days also has a wide selection of unity sand picture frames for displaying your favorite photo with your unity sand.

Rustic Plantable Wedding Favors

Our wide selection of plantable favors continue to be a popular choice for couples wanting to make an eco-friendly, green choice for their wedding while also giving their guests a fun and unique gift. These favors feature handmade paper that is embedded with real wildflower seeds. When your guests plant the seeded paper, wildflowers or herbs will grow right out of the paper – inside in a pot, or outdoors in the soil. Now these unique favors are available with a rustic twist. Introducing our Rustic Plantable Favors, available in a variety of beautiful colors:

These adorable Rustic Wildflower Plantable Favors come in 16 trendy colors and feature a beautiful floral and bird design along with your custom personalization.

For a tasty treat, your guests will love our Rustic Herb Seed Plantable Favors that feature a cream-colored heart shape embedded with a trio of herb seeds (parsley, oregano and basil). This item is also available in a variety of beautiful colors and may be customized with your own personal message to your guests.

As always, at Daisy Days, we want to thank you for making a green choice for your wedding. With your purchase of an eco-friendly item from our store, you can save $10 on your order of $100 or more with the coupon code GOGREEN. Simply enter this during checkout to receive your discount. The order must contain at least one environmentally-friendly favor and cannot be applied to previous or pending orders.

Vintage Biodegradable, Eco-Friendly Paper Straws

Go green and add a splash of color to your next event with our eco-friendly, biodegradable vintage paper straws. With fun and retro designs – such as polka dots, stripes and hearts – in a wide array of colors, we have straws for every theme! Use with your drinks, glass bottles, jars or candy buffet. These stylish paper straws are perfect for weddings, baby showers, birth parties and more!

These retro paper straws are 100% biodegradable, making them perfect for eco-friendly events! Made from all natural material with food grade ink, these straws are FDA approved. Proudly made in the USA.

Vintage Paper Straws

Vintage Paper Straws

How to Include Your Pets in your Wedding

Weddings these days have taken a turn from traditional to modern and unique with features like unity sand frames instead of the unity candle, bold and bright wedding colors, even including your pets in your wedding. This may be difficult if you are having your wedding at a very formal location, or if your pet is the not the most well-behaved. However, if your pet is well-behaved and allowed at the ceremony, they can be included in your big day.
Tuxedo Dog Collars
One of the most popular ways to include pets in a wedding is as the ring bearer or best “dog.” Here at, we have just what you need to make it happen, including tuxedo dog collars, dog ring bearer pillows, dog wedding bandanas and more. Let your four-legged best friend carry the wedding rings down the aisle, or stand by your side as you marry your soul mate.

Another way to include your pet is to have the officiant mention your pets in the ceremony, or you both can mention them in your vows. If you don’t want them in the ceremony, you can always include your pets Dog Ring Bearer Pillowfor an adorable wedding photo op before the reception. If your wedding reception is outdoors or pet friendly, you can even allow them at the reception. Just make sure you have a friend babysit the dog and take him/her home at the end of the night, as not to disturb your celebrating.

No matter where your ceremony is or how well-trained your pet is, you will be able to find a loving way to include them into your big day. Let’s be honest, our pets are like our children, so be sure to include them in the biggest day of your life, your wedding day. Don’t forget to shop to make sure they are dressed for the occasion with a pet tuxedo and a dog ring bearer pillow.

Take Your Guests to Beautiful Paris without Ever Stepping Foot on a Plane

Here at we offer a variety of favors, decorations, gifts and much more for wedding, baby showers, anniversary parties, sweet 16’s and many other events. One of the most unique is our Paris themed favors and decor items. Whether you planning on spending your honeymoon there, were married in Paris years ago, or dream of living in the beautiful city one day, our Paris and Eiffel Tower themed products are the perfect way to bring your guests to Paris through your event.Wedding Favors

If it’s a wedding, anniversary or birthday party, we have a number of Paris themed items that are perfect to add that sophisticated Parisian feel and class, while still bringing in something you love and creating an event guests are sure to remember for years to come. We offer Paris inspired invitations to hint to your guests at the foreign theme of your event, simple Eiffel Tower place card holders to guide your guests to the correct seats, and a number of Paris themed wedding favors from wine stoppers to key chains, candles and more.

Take your guests to a whole other country with decor and favors from our Paris themed collection. They’ll enjoy the wonderful details and classiness of our pieces and they can be fit for any event from wedding to sweet 16’s. Show your love of the city of Paris with a Paris themed event and coordinating decor and wedding favors that are affordable from, your one stop shop for wedding and event favors and decor.

Customize Your Wedding Cake Topper – Hair & Skin Tones!

Earlier this year, we were so excited to introduce our new line of custom color cake toppers where you could choose from five popular hair colors to create a miniature version of the perfect couple -you! Now we are thrilled to announce a new line of customizable cake toppers that are also available in three skin shades. In addition to customizing the hair color, you may now choose a couple with a skin tone to better reflect your look. Here is a peak at the first eight cake toppers available with light, medium or dark skin tones that are also available with customizable hair colors.

A Kiss and Were Off! Romantic Cake Topper Figurine

“A Kiss and We’re Off!” Romantic Cake Topper Figurine
Light Skin Tone (original) | Medium Skin Tone | Dark Skin Tone

True Romance Bridal Couple Cake Topper

True Romance Wedding Topper Figurine
Light Skin Tone (original) | Medium Skin Tone | Dark Skin Tone

Picture Perfect Bridal Couple Figurine Wedding Cake Topper

“Picture Perfect” Bridal Couple Wedding Cake Topper
Light Skin Tone (original) | Medium Skin Tone | Dark Skin Tone

Cinderella Moment Kneeling Groom Romantic Cake Topper

“A Cinderella Moment” Kneeling Groom Romantic Cake Topper
Light Skin Tone (original) | Medium Skin Tone | Dark Skin Tone

Passionate Kissing Couple Cake Topper

Passionate Kissing Couple Cake Topper
Light Skin Tone (original) | Medium Skin Tone | Dark Skin Tone

Motorcycle Get-away Wedding Couple Cake Topper

Motorcycle Wedding Couple Cake Topper
Light Skin Tone (original) | Medium Skin Tone | Dark Skin Tone

Playful Football Wedding Couple Cake Topper

Playful Football Wedding Couple Cake Topper
Light Skin Tone (original) | Medium Skin Tone | Dark Skin Tone

Cheeky My Main Squeeze Couple Cake Topper

Cheeky My Main Squeeze Couple Cake Topper
Light Skin Tone (original) | Medium Skin Tone | Dark Skin Tone

How to Give Your Wedding a Vintage Vibe

Here at, we offer everything you need to add a modern, traditional or vintage vibe to your wedding. Lately, vintage has been a huge trend in many areas, from home decorating, to clothes, to wedding and event planning. We’ve seen some amazing vintage wedding inspiration with lace wedding dresses, vintage cap wedding veils and more. To help you add a vintage vibe to your wedding, we have some perfect items direct from our site!
White Bird Cage Card Holder
1. White Bird Cage Card Holder – Perfect to add simplicity and to carry the vintage feel throughout your wedding.

2. Vintage Lace Wedding Ring Pillow – Carry the vintage lace look from your wedding dress into the accessories and decorations as well.

3.”Just Married” White Felt Celebration Banner – The intricate detailing of this wedding white banner gives it almost a lace feel to continue with the vintage vibe.
Pearl Accented Brooch
4. Large white floral roses – Use these gorgeous, classic roses for decorations at either the ceremony or reception.

5. Pearl Accented Brooches – For that vintage vibe at your wedding, you can use brooches on your chair sashes, bridal party flower bouquets and many other areas around your wedding.

These are just a few of the many items that we offer at to add a vintage vibe to your big day. Everywhere from the ceremony to the reception, you can add simple vintage touches to carry your theme and personality throughout the event. Visit for more vintage wedding accessories, wedding favors, bridal accessories and much more!

How did you add a vintage vibe to your big day?

How to Make Your Small Wedding Extra Special

With the economy still suffering in the United States and unemployment rates barely budging, it’s hard to afford even the average American wedding these days. The average cost of a wedding is around $25,000, ranging higher or lower depending on your specific location. Even at that rate, it’s hard to imagine spending that type of money on your big day. It may be once in a lifetime, but that twenty some thousand dollars can pay off a lot of debt, help buy that new car you need or put that helpful down payment on your home. With this said, many couples are choosing smaller weddings, even elopements for their big day.

Whether you are having a large wedding of 300 plus guests, or a small ceremony with only close friends and family members, there are still many ways in which can help to make your wedding day extra special. For a small wedding, however, you must be creative in the ways you allocate your budget across the many costs. The difficulty is that you don’t want your wedding day to be average or boring, just because it’s small. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! We have a number of ways you can make your small wedding extra special.

Small Wedding

Choose only parts of the ceremony that mean something to you and your fiancé. Skip the flower girl and ring bearer but use a unity sand ceremony or memorial candles for those who are deceased. Choose a printable wedding invitation kit to keep your budget intact, but still following a traditional wedding. Splurge on favors and wedding party gifts since there are less guests and it allows you to give more meaningful and long-lasting gifts. Use a personalized cake topper, champagne glasses and beautiful centerpieces, but cut out unnecessary items like place cards, cake serving sets and bubbles or sparklers.

You can still make your big day what you always wanted, special and memorable, regardless of the number of guests. Just remember to splurge on the important things and cut corners on the rest and your day will still be a day to remember for all involved. Shop for a wide selection of wedding invitations, favors, decoration, reception and ceremony needs, and much more!

How did you make your small wedding special and memorable?

Ideas for Eco-friendly Wedding Decoration

Being eco-friendly has become an important aspect in many parts of our lives, so why not in our weddings as well. We already use reusable grocery bags, have electric cars and recycled paper products, so why not have eco-friendly wedding decorations. Many brides-to-be may think that having eco-friendly wedding decorations are impractical and unstylish. However, the opposite is true. There are many eco-friendly wedding decorations that are not only cost efficient, but also gorgeous and unique.

To help brides-to-be create a more environmentally friendly wedding, we gathered a few ideas for eco-friendly wedding decorations.

Pltanbel Flavor Tags

Plantable Flavor Tags

Instead of using the common petroleum-based candles that you find in many stores, use soy or beeswax candles. Also check that the candles have cotton wicks to help avoid lead.

Votive Holders and other small decorations:
Don’t purchase any small decorations that can’t be gifted to guests or used for another event. Don’t spend money on things that will just end up in the landfill by the end of the night.

Many decorations can be made by you or your crafty friends and family members. Know a good seamstress? Have her sew the table cloths or runners. Other crafty friends can help you create favors, various decorations and much more.

It’s much easier than many think to have more eco-friendly wedding decorations. Don’t be afraid to get creative! You will not only save money, and have a greener wedding, but you will also create a personalized and unique wedding that you and your guests will remember for years to come.

Do you have any ideas for eco-friendly wedding decorations to share?