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How To Order your Wedding Cermony

Every ceremony is different and this is in no way written to suggest that you should do your wedding ceremony in this order. Your ceremony should be an expression of you. It is your show and you should decide what happens when. With that said there is a basic format that most wedding ceremonies follow. Below are 15 common parts of the traditional western culture wedding.

1)    Prelude: This is the pre-game show. Your guests are arriving, hopefully early. You want to have some music, at least 20 minutes worth. Guests will be signing the guest book, finding a seat and checking out the program.

2)   Seating: Your ceremony is officially beginning. Have a complete stop of the prelude music and choose a new song for the seating and procession. Here your close family will be seated by the ushers, mainly grandparents and parents.

3)   Procession: Time for the wedding party to make an entrance. Typically the Groom and his groomsmen come to the stage from the side. Next the bridesmaids will walk down the aisle one by one. If you have a ring bearer and flower girl, this would be a good time for them to make an entrance.

4)   Bridal Procession: Time for the star. Stop all music and start a new song. The bride can walk down the aisle solo or be accompanied by her father or other individual who is “giving her away.”

5)   Welcome: Music stops. Time for your officiant to welcome everyone. Here would be a good time for a prayer or blessing over the couple.

6)   Giving of the Bride: The officiant will now ask who supports the marriage or is giving the bride away. Here would be a  good time for the father of the bride to make a small speech or give advice.

7)   Reading: Now that you have everyone’s attention, have a reading  of  scripture, poem, song or meaningful verse.

8)   Wedding Message: The officiant will now officiate. Most officiants have a pre-planned message. Ask your officiant if you can read over the message.

9)   Vow Exchange: Time to say it in your words. If you do not have your own written vows, don’t worry. Your officiant should have some “repeat after me” style vows for you.

10)   Ring Exchange: This is fairly self explanatory. You will exchange rings. Make sure you put it on the correct hand.

11)   Special Music: Now would be a great time for your special music from your friends or family members. If you do not have a musician in the family you can have another reading. Here, many weddings enter a strange time of no activity. If you have special music make sure you fill the time. Ask for the song length so you know what you are working with.

12)   Unity Ceremony: During your special music you can perform a unity ceremony. This ceremony symbolizes two individuals joining together to make one. Traditionally this is represented by candles but you can also use a sand ceremony set, a rose set, or paint and canvas. Check with your location so see if they are OK with open flames, sand or paint. If this does not fill the special music time you could also have a time of first communion or a couple’s prayer time.

13)   Blessing: Now it is back over to the officiant for his last words. Typically it will be a blessing of the marriage.

14)   Pronouncement: The officiant will make it official with a pronouncement of “Husband and Wife” and then it is kissy time!

15)   Recessional: The officiant will introduce the new couple and now it is time to party! Don’t let everyone rush out. Make sure there is order. First the bride and groom leave. Then the bridal party can head out. Next do not forget to have the parents and grandparents escorted out. Any announcements can be made at this time and then the officiant can dismiss your guests.

So now that you know the basics, mix it up a little. Put your own spices into the mix and make a ceremony that is truly unique.

Wedding Day Tips for the Groom

Grooms, the big day is coming soon so DON’T MESS IT UP! No pressure really, just one of the biggest days in your Bride’s life. Thankfully, there is still time. Time to plan things out. The perfect day does not just happen. Here are some tips that you might not have thought of that you need to know. So go head and print this out. Hang it up somewhere so your Bride-to-be just happens to see it. Brownie points!

1) You Have Pockets

So use them.  You need a handkerchief or at least some tissue. Your hands will probably get sweaty. And your eyes, well, they might *leak* a little.

2) You Have a Mouth

So use it, and I am not just talking about the “Kiss your Bride” part. Tell your bride she is beautiful. First chance you get. You may be thinking it but she needs to hear it. Any good thing that you think that day you should say to her.

3) You Have Arms

So use them. Hug your Mom. The other lady in your life will most likely feel like she is losing you so hug it out. Make sure you tell her thank you and hug her again; just be careful not to get the runny make up all over your suit.

4) You Have a Bestman

Delegate. Make sure your groomsmen have something to do. Then make sure they do it. Double check that your best man has the rings. Then check again.

5) You Will Have an Emergency

We hope not, but it may happen and you should be prepared. It may be a stray button, make up on your sleeve (from a crying mom) or just a little nervousness. What ever the issue you can prepare. Make sure you have a first aid kit or an emergency kit on hand. Make sure you have some water and snacks available while you get ready.

6) You Have a Lot of Vendors

Make sure you tip them. You may not know this but many vendors are expecting payment or at least tips on the day of your wedding. It would be a good idea to make a list of the vendors helping you put on the show and pre-plan what you will tip. If you put the tips in envelopes you can then delegate the delivery of the envelopes.

7) You Have a Moment

Breathe it in. The day will go by fast. Every chance you get stop and enjoy the moment. Let the event swirl around you but pause in the moment and appreciate your bride, friends and family. Capture in your minds eye the events of the day. Do not rush, the day will go fast enough on it’s own.

Hot Tips for a Cool Summer Wedding

Summer Time! I love those words. Who does not love summer? And the summer wedding is icing on the cake. But beware, that icing may melt all over the place if you do not actively try to keep it cool.

If you are planning a summer wedding here are 5 tips for a cool summer wedding

1) Water for Elephants? No, just your guests!

Summer is hot. It does not matter where you live. And if you are having a mid day or outdoor wedding it is especially important to keep your guests hydrated. Do not underestimate your need for drinking water.  It is better to have too much than to have Aunt Edna falling out.

2) Baby it’s HOT outside!

I will say it again, summer is hot. Make sure your guests can stay cool. We are talking shade, favor fans, ice, anything that will keep it cool. Few things make people grumpier than being over heated. Throw in hungry and you are setting your wedding day up as “bad story” not a “cherished memory.”

3) Emergency!

Did I say yet that it is hot? And with heat comes sweat, runny make up and well, BO. Have an emergency kit for yourself and your bridal party. They need to look fresh for your ceremony and your awesome pictures. Don’t forget to have the bathrooms well stocked as well with refreshing items for your guests.

4) I forgot to mention…  its HOT!

Cut your guests some slack and go informal. Dressing down your wedding can still be glamorous without the heavy dress and three piece suits. No one is suggesting swim trunks and tank tops but if you note on your invitation or bridal website that the event is informal dress, your guests will still dress up. They will just feel the freedom to dress light and cool.

5) Rain Rain Go Away!

It is still hot out but it might rain too. Make sure you have a plan B. Is any part of your event outside (even if it is traveling from ceremony to reception)? Check the weather and then check it again. Have a backup plan. Whether it is a second venue or as simple as umbrellas, a rain plan will help you not leave your guest all wet.

How to Give Your Wedding a Vintage Vibe

Here at, we offer everything you need to add a modern, traditional or vintage vibe to your wedding. Lately, vintage has been a huge trend in many areas, from home decorating, to clothes, to wedding and event planning. We’ve seen some amazing vintage wedding inspiration with lace wedding dresses, vintage cap wedding veils and more. To help you add a vintage vibe to your wedding, we have some perfect items direct from our site!
White Bird Cage Card Holder
1. White Bird Cage Card Holder – Perfect to add simplicity and to carry the vintage feel throughout your wedding.

2. Vintage Lace Wedding Ring Pillow – Carry the vintage lace look from your wedding dress into the accessories and decorations as well.

3.”Just Married” White Felt Celebration Banner – The intricate detailing of this wedding white banner gives it almost a lace feel to continue with the vintage vibe.
Pearl Accented Brooch
4. Large white floral roses – Use these gorgeous, classic roses for decorations at either the ceremony or reception.

5. Pearl Accented Brooches – For that vintage vibe at your wedding, you can use brooches on your chair sashes, bridal party flower bouquets and many other areas around your wedding.

These are just a few of the many items that we offer at to add a vintage vibe to your big day. Everywhere from the ceremony to the reception, you can add simple vintage touches to carry your theme and personality throughout the event. Visit for more vintage wedding accessories, wedding favors, bridal accessories and much more!

How did you add a vintage vibe to your big day?

How to Make Your Small Wedding Extra Special

With the economy still suffering in the United States and unemployment rates barely budging, it’s hard to afford even the average American wedding these days. The average cost of a wedding is around $25,000, ranging higher or lower depending on your specific location. Even at that rate, it’s hard to imagine spending that type of money on your big day. It may be once in a lifetime, but that twenty some thousand dollars can pay off a lot of debt, help buy that new car you need or put that helpful down payment on your home. With this said, many couples are choosing smaller weddings, even elopements for their big day.

Whether you are having a large wedding of 300 plus guests, or a small ceremony with only close friends and family members, there are still many ways in which can help to make your wedding day extra special. For a small wedding, however, you must be creative in the ways you allocate your budget across the many costs. The difficulty is that you don’t want your wedding day to be average or boring, just because it’s small. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! We have a number of ways you can make your small wedding extra special.

Small Wedding

Choose only parts of the ceremony that mean something to you and your fiancé. Skip the flower girl and ring bearer but use a unity sand ceremony or memorial candles for those who are deceased. Choose a printable wedding invitation kit to keep your budget intact, but still following a traditional wedding. Splurge on favors and wedding party gifts since there are less guests and it allows you to give more meaningful and long-lasting gifts. Use a personalized cake topper, champagne glasses and beautiful centerpieces, but cut out unnecessary items like place cards, cake serving sets and bubbles or sparklers.

You can still make your big day what you always wanted, special and memorable, regardless of the number of guests. Just remember to splurge on the important things and cut corners on the rest and your day will still be a day to remember for all involved. Shop for a wide selection of wedding invitations, favors, decoration, reception and ceremony needs, and much more!

How did you make your small wedding special and memorable?

Bridesmaids – How do you pop the question?


Bridesmaids.jpgBridesmaids: they’re one of the most important parts of your wedding. They’ve been there through it all and now they’re going to be there with you during one of the most important days of your life. So how do you honor them in a crafty and cute way? You can start by asking them to be a part of the bridal party in some thoughtful and creative way. Daisy-Days have five meaningful ways of asking your closest friends to support you on your big day.

  1. Start a scavenger hunt: Have your future-bridesmaids-to-be head out to your house or a restaurant and have them find the question on a piece of paper. This will be a great bonding experience, especially if some of the girls don’t know each other well. Plus, it will create a little healthy competition and everyone wins!
  2. Put together a sentimental slideshow: Have a bunch of pictures lying around? Scan them in your computer, put them in order, and put on the tunes! At the end of the slideshow, have a slide that asks your bridal party to be a part of your wedding. It’s a great way to get everyone together (and may bring some people down memory lane).
  3. Throw a slumber party: You might have loved them in middle school, but a slumber party would be a great way to get everyone in one place and hold a gossip session in the process! Grab some fun snacks, chick flicks, and your favorite color nail polish and hold an all-female gab fest. This will be a great chance to tell the girls how much they mean to you and how much it means to you for them to be a part of your special day.
  4. Post-it note their car: Yeah, it’s a little annoying, but it does get the point across. Start by finding their car at work. Do it inconspicuously, you don’t want anyone to spoil the surprise. Just make sure it’s not a day where there is bad weather. As a sweet bonus, you can also leave flowers :)
  5. Cupcakes are always the best: Who doesn’t like cupcakes? Make your girls some girly cupcakes, stick a note on top, and have them come over and share them with you! It will be easy, affordable, and fun for everyone to enjoy. You can even make a few extra for yourself, because you’re the bride, you know.

Whatever you decide on doing for your gals, make it personal and keep it short. Daisy-Days has the perfect gifts for your bridal party needs.

Top Themes for Your Summer Wedding


Cinderella Pumpkin Coach Cake TopperDo you want to have a wedding that people will be talking about for years to come? Then it is important to pick the perfect wedding theme to encompass the whole event!

How do you pick the perfect theme for your wedding?

Keep class and elegance in mind, even for the cheesiest of theme ideas. Also, be sure to incorporate the bride and groom?s personalities. Make sure to keep the theme consistent with all elements of the wedding experience. Incorporate your theme into your bridal shower, flowers and the reception. This way everything will come full circle and your little touch of theme and personality will be shown throughout your all of your wedding events.

If you are looking for some ideas, listed below are some of this summer?s top wedding themes:

  • Beach and destination
  • Birds and lovebirds
  • Hearts, hearts, and more hearts!
  • Black and white
  • Victorian details
  • Cinderella and other fairytales

Check out for our full collection of wedding must-haves to match every theme and decide which one will fit your wedding best. Remember, while picking out favors for the wedding reception to think about favors for the bridal shower, bridesmaid?s tea and rehearsal dinner as well. Good luck!

Mod Party Kits – Style Your Party From Start to Finish!


Mod Party Kits.jpgWe are in L-O-V-E with our newest addition, Mod Party Kits!
These gorgeous party kits include everything you need to host a themed soiree from start to finish. Each kit includes a six foot long pennant banner for decorating, invitations with matching envelopes, favor tags, address labels, party icons, water bottle lables, signs, mini decor stickers, menu cards, cupcake wrappers, and cupcake toppers in a variety of stylish party themes – each with a mod twist! 
You’ll love the bright colors and bold graphics on any of our themed party kits, which themes include:
  • Beach
  • Something Blue
  • Parisian
  • Cupcake Party
  • Pink Cake
  • Jungle Safari
  • Green Baby Shower
  • Blue Baby Shower
  • Pink Baby Shower

These Mod Party Kits are marvelous for delighting guests and decorating for a baby shower, bridal shower, birthday party, or other special occasion. What could be better when you want a modern, perfectly styled party without all of the hassle? Take a look at our Mod Party Kits and find the one that’s perfect for your next special occasion. Finally – a handy, hassle-free kit to throw the perfect event!


Reception Tips to get in Touch with Your Roots

Celtic Unity Candle.jpg

Your wedding is more than a tradition of beginning a new family; it’s also an occasion when two families are joined together  - sometimes more than two when you start to include in-laws and step-family! It’s thrilling on one hand, because there are so many people to support you as you start your new life. There are also the many choices that you make when you decide which parts of your collective families’ traditions and practices to keep when building your own – and planning your wedding.

A way to show your respect for all families is to incorporate both your cultures and traditions into the ceremony and reception. Here are a few ways to include everyone in the family in at least some small way:

  • Find themed invitations to reflect the rich culture of your family. If you come from a warm and loving Christian family, then Christian wedding invitations will let the family and everyone from church who’s invited know that no matter the ceremony, you’re keeping your faith close to your heart.
  • Give out favors to the family and friends at your reception that reflect your roots, like our Irish wedding favors. Everyone takes away a nice Irish blessing, key ring, or seed favor, and also the sentiment that you’re honoring where your family came from.
  • Even states away, it’s hard to ignore that great country personality and hospitality. If you’re having a city wedding, remember your country roots with western cake toppers, vintage ring pillows or other country wedding invitations.

How do you plan on making everyone in the family feel included in your wedding plans?

Destination Wedding Brides Love Our Bridal Flip Flops and Barefoot Sandals!


Bridal Flip Flops.jpg
Destination weddings are always a memorable experience. Imagine getting married at sunset on a beach, surrounded but only the closest of loved ones – or maybe it’s just the two of you. With the sun setting in the background over the ocean, there’s nothing more beautiful in the world, except for maybe you in your wedding gown. 
At Daisy-Days, we’ve been helping brides accessorize for their destination weddings with jewelry, hairpieces, bridal belts, veils and more. One of our favorite destination wedding accessories is that of wedding footwear. When you’re getting married on the beach, you need something comfortable but cute. Luckily, we have tons of options to choose from in our selection of bridal flip flops and barefoot sandals.
For the destination wedding bride, barefoot sandals are a great choice if you’re looking to go (mostly) barefoot on the beach. Featuring beautiful beading in a sandal shape that slips over the toe and ankle, barefoot wedding sandals are a gorgeous choice for accenting your dress and completing your wedding day look.
For brides who want a bit more footwear without sacrficing comfort, we recommend our bridal flip flops. We have bridal flip flops in flat and wedge styles, featuring cool rhinestones, pretty straps, and all sorts of other wedding details! The best part about our bridal flip flops is that they’re appropriate for all sorts of brides – not just destintation wedding brides! Slip on a pair for your reception before you dance the night away. We know you’ll love how comfy these bridal flip flops are!