Pin it to Win it!


How about a giveaway? Enter the Daisy Days “Pin it to Win it” give away and have your chance to win the item you pin or share*. Pin or share as many items that you like but make sure that you email with the items you shared and where (providing links if available). We will run the contest from 4/9 through 4/15 and draw a winner on 4/16. If chosen you could win the item you shared*. Happy pinning!

* Item value must be $50 or less. Items over $50 will receive a credit towards that item. Items must be pinned or shared on Pinterest or Facebook.

** Minimum of 50 unique pins or shares must be verified for the drawing to be valid. Individuals may enter as many times as they like. Entries will only be accepted once they are emailed to and verified.

***Drawing will be held on 4/16 and the winner picked by random number generator

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