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Looking for favors for your big day? Not really looking to invest a large amount of money on a minimum quantity?

Visit our Favor SAMPLE section to find single samples of all the cutest new favors. No need to meet a minimum quantity. If you just need one then this is the place for you. Combine that with first class shipping options and you can save with Daisy Days Outlet Store.


September Sale in October

We are extending our September Sale through the end of October!

Save 5% on orders over $50 with SEPT5.
Save 10% on orders over $100 with SEPT10.
Save 12% on orders over $150 with SEPT12.
Save 15% on orders over $250 with SEPT15.

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September Sale!

Let’s celebrate September. It is a great month. So let’s have a sale just to let everyone know how much we like September.

Save 5% on orders over $50 with SEPT5.
Save 10% on orders over $100 with SEPT10.
Save 12% on orders over $150 with SEPT12.
save 15% on orders over $250 with SEPT15!

Save 5% on orders over $50 with SEPT5.

Save 10% on orders over $100 with SEPT10.

Save 12% on orders over $150 with SEPT12.

save 15% on orders over $250 with SEPT15!

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Wedding Deals and Sales

If you are looking for great wedding deals and sales then you are in for a treat. Check out our overstock section for deals of 30-60% off.

Daisy Days Overstock Sale!

Or you can check out our Outlet eBay Store for greats saving on new and clearance items

Daisy Days Outlet Store!

Great deals await. Happy Shopping!

Customer Review

“So incredibly impressed with Daisy Days! I ordered a custom gift for a friend of mine that recently got engaged and they finished it and had it delivered to my house with 48 hours! I cannot wait to get it to the bride to be when I travel to see her this weekend! Thank you for the quick turn around!” – Jamie, Cincinnatti OH

Item Spotlight: DIY Blank Favors

DIY is a tricky game. You really need to balance time verses cost. And you need to ask yourself will your time actually end up costing you more than buying fully prepared favors. If you measures the costs and find that a little effort on your part can save you big bucks then Daisy Days can help. Our new line of favor ready DIY Blank Favors can be a firm starting ground for your truly custom favors. With several container shapes to choose from you are sure to find a blank favor that fits your need. We have great mini mint containers, fun sized candy tubes, and unique mini ice cream containers. There are several other designs as well that can help you take DIY to the next level!

Wedding Quote Wednesday

“I’m going to pull time apart for you.” – Amy Pond, Doctor Who

Item Spotlight: Wine Gift Box Guest Book Alternative

Having a guest book at your wedding is a must. It is great to have the names of those who celebrated with you on your big day. It is even better to have some wedding wishes that you can read.  Better still is a glass of wine to share while you read those thoughtful wedding wishes.

Enter the  Wine Gift Box Guest Book Alternative. This personalized wood wine box is a great alternative to the typical lined paper book. Simply have your guests write wedding wishes on small paper and drop them in the Wine Gift Box. After your event add your favorite bottle of wine (not included) and save for a special occasion.

It will be fun and meaningful to open again on your 1 year anniversary and read your wedding wishes will enjoying your bottle together.

Personalize with your names and date.


Wedding Quote Wednesday

“Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly.”  - Rose Franken

Sparkly Sparklers

July 4th is just around the corner and the month of the sparkler is upon us. Wedding sparklers are a fun tradition that can create some incredible wedding day photos. Not to mention they are extremely fun. Who does not love sparklers?

When planning your big day or dreaming about the Bride and Groom exit, consider what kind of sparkler works best for you. Here are a few of the common sizes to choose from:

#10 Sparklers: These sparklers are about 9″ long and burn for about 40 seconds. They are great for pictures but do not give you much time to take them. Make sure your guests have 2-3 if you are planning get away pictures. The above photo was taken with #10 sparklers.

#20 Sparklers: These sparklers are about 18″ long and burn for around 90 seconds. These are ideal for photos since you have a good length and a good burn time.

#36 Sparklers: These sparklers are about 35″ and burn for about 3 minutes. If you cannot get a great picture with these sparklers then you need a new camera.

Heart Shaped: These sparklers are just plain fun. They are 11 inches long, 3 1/2 inches wide and burn for about 1 minute.

Sparklers are a fun addition to your wedding day. Use them responsibly and check with your reception venue to confirm that they are allowed.