3 Memorable Keepsakes to Treasure from Your Wedding

Your wedding day is one of the biggest and most memorable days of your life. You will have many pictures and videos to remember the day along with many fond memories. Though you will have all of these things, it’s often nice to have a few keepsakes from your wedding to cherish as well. You can keep many items from your wedding, a favor, or centerpiece vase, maybe some decorations, but we have some things that are even better and can be displayed in your home for the rest of your happy lives together.

Unity Sand Ceremony Kit

Unity Sand Ceremony Kit

1. Unity Sand Ceremony Kits

  • Instead of the traditional unity candle, many couples are having a unity sand ceremony. It’s the perfect way to represent two lives coming together as one, with a lovely keepsake for your home. There are many types, from vases to frames and shadow boxes, you are sure to find the perfect representation of you and your fiancé’s love.

2. Ceremony Masterpieces

  • We offer many ceremony masterpieces that you can use to record special moments from your wedding. Whether you want to each write your vows on the piece, or record memorable quotes, or advice from family and friends, the ceremony masterpieces are perfect. They become a unique piece of art that can be hung anywhere in your home as a constant reminder of your big day.

3. Guest Book Alternatives

  • Traditional wedding guest books usually sit in the back of a closet never displayed or enjoyed. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. There are many guest book alternatives that can become wonderful keepsakes from your wedding, including a signature picture frame and mat, signing stones and vase, signature platter or vase and many more. Turn your guest book into a piece of art to cherish in your home with one of the many guest book alternatives we offer.

Now you’ll have more than just pictures, you’ll have beautiful pieces of art as memorable wedding keepsakes from your big day. Display these pieces all around your home so that you always have a reminder of you and your partner’s love and devotion to one another and the many loving family members and friends that you have. Visit Daisy-Days.com to find all of these wonderful items for your wedding and much, much more!

What memorable keepsakes do you have from your wedding?

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