Something Blue (and Lacy Too?)

Daisy Days

In regards to being a Bride you have probably heard the saying about taking something blue with you down the aisle. It is supposed to be lucky or bring you good fortune. Well, here is the whole rhyme:

Something Old, Something New. Something Borrowed, Something Blue. A Sixpence in your Shoe.

Who comes up with this stuff? If you are anything like me walking around all day with something in your shoe would not be a “fortunate” thing and those around me would be “lucky” to escape my discomfort!

But seriously, taking something old, new, borrowed and blue to the alter can be a fun tradition to play with as well as a quest to add extra meaning to your ceremony. Here are a few ideas to make this tradition a fun part of your big day.

Something Old

The old represents well…old. It is your past or your family’s past. This is a symbol that you are entering a new life but not forgetting what made you who you are today. This would be a great time to get on the phone with grandma. See if she has some family jewelry or possibly a portion of her wedding dress that you could incorporate into your ensemble. If this will not work for you then ask for a story or a picture that is meaningful. Every grandmother will be able to provide this jewel.

Something New

Who does not love new? This is what the whole day is about. You are starting a new family. There are so many things in your ceremony that represent this that you really can just take your pick. The easiest probably would be the rings. These symbols offer hope for the future. Some other ideas that you might use for your new item are your wedding dress, your accessories or even your shoes since you will literally be walking into something new.

Something Borrowed

Borrowing something can represent borrowing happiness. It can also be a symbol for the community that you have around your relationship. Marriages do not do well in isolation. To add extra meaning to this look for a friend or relative that has a marriage that you admire. Borrow something from this person as a symbol of borrowing their relationship happiness. Who ever you ask will be absolutely flattered.

Something Blue

Historically in a wedding blue represents love, loyalty and fidelity. Good things to have in a relationship but depending on your color scheme, maybe not a good color to have in a ceremony. If blue is not on your wedding palette, try going incognito. Think under the dress. Whether it is painted toenails, under garments, shoes or a blue garter; something blue does not need to be something hard to do.


A Sixpence

Many brides end the tradition before this line but if you want to go all the way, a sixpence represents good fortune and prosperity. A sixpence may not be the easiest thing to come by being that is is a British coin. If you do not happen to have you own coin collection to draw from you can often purchase a sixpence from a wedding store.


Here is a sixpence in it’s own shoe holder in case you do not want to walk around all day with something in your own shoe.

Hands Full?

Now that you have all five items you should have your hands full. If you have not figured out ways to seamlessly integrate these items into your wardrobe, try concealing them with a bridal purse. This will also come in handy if you need supplies to freshen up during the night.

However you decide to run with this tradition remember that you need to have fun with it. Do not let it add an ounce of stress to your day. Use this tradition to add fun and deeper meaning to your big day. Rule the rhyme. Do not let the rhyme rule you.

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