How to Include Your Pets in your Wedding

Weddings these days have taken a turn from traditional to modern and unique with features like unity sand frames instead of the unity candle, bold and bright wedding colors, even including your pets in your wedding. This may be difficult if you are having your wedding at a very formal location, or if your pet is the not the most well-behaved. However, if your pet is well-behaved and allowed at the ceremony, they can be included in your big day.
Tuxedo Dog Collars
One of the most popular ways to include pets in a wedding is as the ring bearer or best “dog.” Here at, we have just what you need to make it happen, including tuxedo dog collars, dog ring bearer pillows, dog wedding bandanas and more. Let your four-legged best friend carry the wedding rings down the aisle, or stand by your side as you marry your soul mate.

Another way to include your pet is to have the officiant mention your pets in the ceremony, or you both can mention them in your vows. If you don’t want them in the ceremony, you can always include your pets Dog Ring Bearer Pillowfor an adorable wedding photo op before the reception. If your wedding reception is outdoors or pet friendly, you can even allow them at the reception. Just make sure you have a friend babysit the dog and take him/her home at the end of the night, as not to disturb your celebrating.

No matter where your ceremony is or how well-trained your pet is, you will be able to find a loving way to include them into your big day. Let’s be honest, our pets are like our children, so be sure to include them in the biggest day of your life, your wedding day. Don’t forget to shop to make sure they are dressed for the occasion with a pet tuxedo and a dog ring bearer pillow.

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