How to Make Your Small Wedding Extra Special

With the economy still suffering in the United States and unemployment rates barely budging, it’s hard to afford even the average American wedding these days. The average cost of a wedding is around $25,000, ranging higher or lower depending on your specific location. Even at that rate, it’s hard to imagine spending that type of money on your big day. It may be once in a lifetime, but that twenty some thousand dollars can pay off a lot of debt, help buy that new car you need or put that helpful down payment on your home. With this said, many couples are choosing smaller weddings, even elopements for their big day.

Whether you are having a large wedding of 300 plus guests, or a small ceremony with only close friends and family members, there are still many ways in which can help to make your wedding day extra special. For a small wedding, however, you must be creative in the ways you allocate your budget across the many costs. The difficulty is that you don’t want your wedding day to be average or boring, just because it’s small. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! We have a number of ways you can make your small wedding extra special.

Small Wedding

Choose only parts of the ceremony that mean something to you and your fiancé. Skip the flower girl and ring bearer but use a unity sand ceremony or memorial candles for those who are deceased. Choose a printable wedding invitation kit to keep your budget intact, but still following a traditional wedding. Splurge on favors and wedding party gifts since there are less guests and it allows you to give more meaningful and long-lasting gifts. Use a personalized cake topper, champagne glasses and beautiful centerpieces, but cut out unnecessary items like place cards, cake serving sets and bubbles or sparklers.

You can still make your big day what you always wanted, special and memorable, regardless of the number of guests. Just remember to splurge on the important things and cut corners on the rest and your day will still be a day to remember for all involved. Shop for a wide selection of wedding invitations, favors, decoration, reception and ceremony needs, and much more!

How did you make your small wedding special and memorable?

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