Reception Tips to get in Touch with Your Roots

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Your wedding is more than a tradition of beginning a new family; it’s also an occasion when two families are joined together  - sometimes more than two when you start to include in-laws and step-family! It’s thrilling on one hand, because there are so many people to support you as you start your new life. There are also the many choices that you make when you decide which parts of your collective families’ traditions and practices to keep when building your own – and planning your wedding.

A way to show your respect for all families is to incorporate both your cultures and traditions into the ceremony and reception. Here are a few ways to include everyone in the family in at least some small way:

  • Find themed invitations to reflect the rich culture of your family. If you come from a warm and loving Christian family, then Christian wedding invitations will let the family and everyone from church who’s invited know that no matter the ceremony, you’re keeping your faith close to your heart.
  • Give out favors to the family and friends at your reception that reflect your roots, like our Irish wedding favors. Everyone takes away a nice Irish blessing, key ring, or seed favor, and also the sentiment that you’re honoring where your family came from.
  • Even states away, it’s hard to ignore that great country personality and hospitality. If you’re having a city wedding, remember your country roots with western cake toppers, vintage ring pillows or other country wedding invitations.

How do you plan on making everyone in the family feel included in your wedding plans?

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