Hot Tips for a Cool Summer Wedding

Summer Time! I love those words. Who does not love summer? And the summer wedding is icing on the cake. But beware, that icing may melt all over the place if you do not actively try to keep it cool.

If you are planning a summer wedding here are 5 tips for a cool summer wedding

1) Water for Elephants? No, just your guests!

Summer is hot. It does not matter where you live. And if you are having a mid day or outdoor wedding it is especially important to keep your guests hydrated. Do not underestimate your need for drinking water.  It is better to have too much than to have Aunt Edna falling out.

2) Baby it’s HOT outside!

I will say it again, summer is hot. Make sure your guests can stay cool. We are talking shade, favor fans, ice, anything that will keep it cool. Few things make people grumpier than being over heated. Throw in hungry and you are setting your wedding day up as “bad story” not a “cherished memory.”

3) Emergency!

Did I say yet that it is hot? And with heat comes sweat, runny make up and well, BO. Have an emergency kit for yourself and your bridal party. They need to look fresh for your ceremony and your awesome pictures. Don’t forget to have the bathrooms well stocked as well with refreshing items for your guests.

4) I forgot to mention…  its HOT!

Cut your guests some slack and go informal. Dressing down your wedding can still be glamorous without the heavy dress and three piece suits. No one is suggesting swim trunks and tank tops but if you note on your invitation or bridal website that the event is informal dress, your guests will still dress up. They will just feel the freedom to dress light and cool.

5) Rain Rain Go Away!

It is still hot out but it might rain too. Make sure you have a plan B. Is any part of your event outside (even if it is traveling from ceremony to reception)? Check the weather and then check it again. Have a backup plan. Whether it is a second venue or as simple as umbrellas, a rain plan will help you not leave your guest all wet.

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