How to Write your Wedding Program

The Wedding Program is an essential item for your wedding ceremony. You may know what is going on but most of your guests do not have a clue what is happening next or who all those people are on stage with you. Cue the wedding program. With the wedding program your goal is to let everyone know as much as you know. It also gives you an opportunity to give thanks or share details that you cannot personally say to every guest. Believe me, while your guests are waiting they will read every line of that program, probably twice.


You really can print your programs on anything. You can be practical or as unusual as you have time for. Typically there are 3 common types of programs with multiple variations off of the basic forms. They are:

1) The Bi-Fold Program is the most common form of program (see above). This is your basic 8.5″ x 11″ Paper folded in half. It is simple and easy to format.

2) The Tri-Fold Program is very versatile. This format gives you 6 panels and is perfect is you have a lot to say.

3) The Fan Program is exactly as it sounds. It is a fan and a program. It pulls double duty. This is perfect for out door weddings, spring weddings, summer weddings or when you will have an out door reception.


Most of us have never written a wedding program. Here are a few basic tips on formatting. There are 4 basic parts of a wedding program, the Intro, The Ceremony, the Bridal Party, and the Thank you/Memorial Section.

1) First, you need an intro. This is the Bride and Groom’s names and date of the wedding.  Typically this is the first page. You can also include the location (although your guests are already there), a monogram, or any images that fit your wedding theme.

2) Next, you want to include the order of your wedding ceremony information. This is typically page 2. List the different aspects of your ceremony and the songs that accompany them. If you have space include what those songs and traditions mean to you or why you decided on them. Your guests care about you and want to know what is important to you.

3) Third you want to have a list of your supporting cast: the wedding party. List all those involved and what part they play. If you have room, list how you know them or why they are in your wedding. Your wedding guests probably do not know everyone on stage and since they are at your wedding they probably care and would love to know. This also makes for good conversation starters at your reception.

4) Lastly, you want to include a thank you/memorial section. There were a lot of people who made your day possible. Let them know that you are thankful for how they helped. Also, if any friends or family could not make the big day or have passed away consider mentioning them. This section is also good to include mention if any flowers, decorations or empty seats are dedicated to absent loved ones.


Now that you have the basics down, throw in some of your own style. Ask yourself what is important to you. Do you strongly value the environment? Then consider using recycled paper or plantable seeded paper. Are you the jokester? Then include an activity section on your program. Some jokes, riddles, or an eye spy will entertain your guests while they wait for your arrival.

However you decide to finish your programs, whether you are all DIY or you go with professional printing, Daisy Days can help. With a large selection of DIY Wedding Program Kits, Wedding Fan Programs and Professionally Printed Programs you are sure to find a style that fits you.

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