Item Spotlight: Washi Tape

New item – Washi Tape

Crafters be like waa-shi tape! Washi tape is the hottest and coolest new trend. We are sure you have seen it on your fav DIY blog but what is the big deal? Well, beyond being extremely cute, Washi tape is easy to use and typically very durable.  It is the perfect way to dress up your DIY projects, wedding favors, DIY invitations, or your event decorations. The tape is well, tape so it is self adhesive. It is easy to use, remove and reapply.

Originated in Japan, washi tape is paper tape similar to masking tape except that it comes in so many cute colors and designs that poor masking tape started calling itself frumpy.

Check out the large selection of Washi Tape at Daisy Days. Combine it with any of our order DIY favors and you have a sure fire winner. Don’t be surprised if your #1 bookmarked craft blog starts asking you to guest blog. Washi tape is that amazing.

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