Wedding Day Tips for the Groom

Grooms, the big day is coming soon so DON’T MESS IT UP! No pressure really, just one of the biggest days in your Bride’s life. Thankfully, there is still time. Time to plan things out. The perfect day does not just happen. Here are some tips that you might not have thought of that you need to know. So go head and print this out. Hang it up somewhere so your Bride-to-be just happens to see it. Brownie points!

1) You Have Pockets

So use them.  You need a handkerchief or at least some tissue. Your hands will probably get sweaty. And your eyes, well, they might *leak* a little.

2) You Have a Mouth

So use it, and I am not just talking about the “Kiss your Bride” part. Tell your bride she is beautiful. First chance you get. You may be thinking it but she needs to hear it. Any good thing that you think that day you should say to her.

3) You Have Arms

So use them. Hug your Mom. The other lady in your life will most likely feel like she is losing you so hug it out. Make sure you tell her thank you and hug her again; just be careful not to get the runny make up all over your suit.

4) You Have a Bestman

Delegate. Make sure your groomsmen have something to do. Then make sure they do it. Double check that your best man has the rings. Then check again.

5) You Will Have an Emergency

We hope not, but it may happen and you should be prepared. It may be a stray button, make up on your sleeve (from a crying mom) or just a little nervousness. What ever the issue you can prepare. Make sure you have a first aid kit or an emergency kit on hand. Make sure you have some water and snacks available while you get ready.

6) You Have a Lot of Vendors

Make sure you tip them. You may not know this but many vendors are expecting payment or at least tips on the day of your wedding. It would be a good idea to make a list of the vendors helping you put on the show and pre-plan what you will tip. If you put the tips in envelopes you can then delegate the delivery of the envelopes.

7) You Have a Moment

Breathe it in. The day will go by fast. Every chance you get stop and enjoy the moment. Let the event swirl around you but pause in the moment and appreciate your bride, friends and family. Capture in your minds eye the events of the day. Do not rush, the day will go fast enough on it’s own.

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