Your Essential Honeymoon Packing List

Honeymoon List from Daisy Days

After all the planning and prepping you do in the months leading up to your wedding, your honeymoon will be a well deserved break! However, with all the planning for your event do not forget to plan for your trip. This includes packing your bags and making sure they are where they need to be (hint: they do not call him “Best Man” for nothing). It’s best to take some time in the last two weeks before your wedding to stop and pack for the honeymoon. You’ll be so thankful you are already packed the morning after your wedding! While your needs will vary depending on where you’re honeymooning, there are quite a few things you’ll need regardless of your vacation location that you can prep ahead of time.

Toiletries – pack all of your travel sized toiletries well in advance. This means you need to make sure you have an awesome travel toiletry bag.  Also, if you need to bring medication with you, get an extra supply and include that in your carry on.

Make-up – if you do not have a travel cosmetic case, this is the perfect excuse to treat yourself. Remember you will be gone about a week. You do not need to carry your whole collection of make up with you. Pick your essentials and a few flairs and transfer to travel size containers. Or check is your favorites come prepackaged in travel sizes.

Beach Totes – a large beach tote comes in handy, even if your vacation doesn’t involve sun and sand! Use them to carry all of your day to day essentials, or keep one on hand to use as a shopping bag when you’re out and about.

Bad Weather Gear – we hope your whole vacation is full of sun shine but the weather does not always cooperate and it does not hurt to be prepared for the rain! Bring a small umbrella or two and you’ll stay dry and ready for adventure.

Flip Flops – You’ll want them for the beach and for walking around the hotel at night, and maybe even in the shower. Bring two pairs just in case of emergency.

We hope these few don’t forget reminders will help you save time money and stress on your relaxing honeymoon!

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